Congratulations on making it this far. The journey to joining College is almost over. I will guide you through the admission process and answer any questions that you may have. 

The admission process:

  1. You have already taken the first step in gaining admission by visiting our website. 
  2. Grab a copy of your documents from our downloads page <here>. You will find: 1. An admission letter 2. Course requirements 3. An application letter 4. Discipline Policy. 
  3. The application for the HEF (HELB and Scholarship) begins in July 2024. As of July 2024, once you have the admission documents, you may proceed to the Higher Education Financing Portal <HEF Portal>. Apply for a scholarship, a loan, and a bursary. More guidelines on this <here>
  4. Our intake runs from May 2024 until September 2024. Remember to read through the course requirements and discipline policies. See you!! 

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Who can join Masinga Technical and Vocational College?
    Any Kenyan Citizen is eligible to join the college.
  • What are the entry requirements for enrollment? 
    To enroll in any of our courses, you must meet any of the following qualifications:    
    *Diploma Courses -    KCSE Mean Grade C- (Minus) or Pass in relevant Craft Course. 
    *Craft Certificate Courses - KCSE Mean Grade D (Plain) or Pass in relevant Artisan Course.  
    *Artisan Courses - KCPE Certificate.
    More details on the entry qualifications for each course can be found on our DOWNLOADS page, marketing section
  • Which courses can I study?
    A trainee is allowed to study any course of their choice regardless of their cluster points. E.g. If you score a KCSE mean grade D+, you qualify to study any craft certificate course of your choice. 
  • What courses does Masinga Technical Offer?
    Our complete list of courses can be found on the COURSES page.
  • How much is the fee?
    For details on finances, please go through the FINANCE page and the  Scholarship Application page for further information. 
  • KUCCPS Placement
    There are two modes of admission:
    i. Walk in Admission - This works for ALL students. During intake, anyone is free to walk in and get admission. Please note that walk in students will be charged full fee until their application for Government Scholarship is approved. A processing fee of Ksh. 1,500 is also charged by KUCCPS to facilitate access to the Scholarship.
    ii. KUCCPS - Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) - For Students sitting/who have just sat for KCSE             
    This is a state body that places students in institutes of higher learning. The Service usually advertises through local media when applications are open. You can also check our news section on the HOME page. 
    When the announcement is made, follow instructions on the top of this page to apply. A processing fee of Ksh. 1,500 is also charged by KUCCPS to facilitate access to the Scholarship.
  • I've been placed by KUCCPS, can I change courses?
    You are free to select any course of your choice within the same level e.g. If you were placed for Craft in General Agriculture, you can to change to Craft in Electrical Engineering or any other Craft Certificate course of your choice.  This is done before admission. Simply inquire on the available vacancies in the course you intend to switch to. Please note that trainees who are placed in coursed which are not yet fully accredited will be required to change courses. 
  • What do I need to bring during reporting day?
    Please pick your course requirements from the DOWNLOADS page
  • Can I bring a friend?
    One of our goals is to have 100% transition from Secondary School. In line with this, we welcome everybody for admission. Feel free to tag along with your friends and family who may want to join us. We will even pay you a commission for every successful admission!
  • Do you have hostels?
    Yes. The college has partnered with private developers to establish places of residence for our trainees. All hostels are within a walking distance from the college. The rates for the hostels vary but the average price is Ksh. 2,500 to Ksh. 3,000 per month. The office of the Dean of Students ensures that every trainee is comfortably settled upon admission. 
  • Is there someone I can speak with concerning admission? 
    Indeed. Feel free to contact the Registrar through the CONTACT US page. You can also call the official school number. 

Masinga Technical & Vocational College.

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